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8 Fun things to do in Naples, Italy

Naples is a great city on the west coast of Italy. The city ranks 3rd in size and human population after Milan and Rome. Its metropolitan population is estimated to be around 3.1 million. The city has been a ground for fierce battles and human civilizations alike.

Moreover, this city has a rich history and natural heritage ranging from squares, buildings, churches, and tourist adventures. Its narrow busy streets, museums, bars, restaurants, as well as modern galleries built by the new generation artists, paint a new look to the city of ruins. It does matter whether you are planning a long-stay vacation or a weekend adventure; you won’t fall short of fun ideas. For the choice of accommodation, It would be better to prefer a BnB well located like bbalcentrostorico.com.

The city has an excellent train system, so irrespective of where you choose to stay, you can reach your desired point with ease. Although the neighborhood has a bad reputation, the city is secure. Mugging and pick-pocketing are uncommon. Although many international tourists opt to stay in the old town, Decumani, you can actually book a motel anywhere. Nonetheless, let’s see what fun things you can do in Naples, Italy:

Going for Hike on Mount Vesuvius

If you love sports, why not challenge yourself by climbing to the peak of this active volcano? You will not only build your muscles but also burn cholesterol. To reach its peak, you can either book a train and hike all the way up, or climb as a team and
spend half the hike time. By either way, you will have different sceneries to enjoy and save on your pocket.

Exploring the Pompeii Ruins

History is wonderful, while life in Naples is fabulous. Naples being a historical town, you can pay a visit to Pompeii ruins during the shoulder season and have unlimited fun devoid of crowds. The remains of this ancient building have carefully been
preserved as a historical heritage. Also, Herculaneum is another incredible site for adventure. If you are a journalist or just like shooting videos and taking photos, these sites should feature in your album.

Enjoying an Aerial View of Naples and its Coast

From Castel Sant’Elmo, you will enjoy unparalleled unobstructed views of Napoli city and its coast. To reach Castel Sant’Elmo, you will have to either use the aerial tram to Morghen or board a train to Montesanto. On the later, you will have to walk
downhill to the 14th-century fortress. After your adventure, take the Largo San Martino till you reach the grand staircase on your left-hand side. This staircase leads you down to another fun point, the Spanish Quarter.

Strolling the Spanish Quarter

Do you love spending your afternoon in style? Then, the Spanish Quarter is a must go. Here, you will not only fall in love with the ancient architecture, but you will also enjoy a native meal- Pasta e Fagioli. In addition to the delicacy, you can
quench your thirst with an espresso after window shopping. What a fantastic way to end your day!

Taking an Underground tour of Napoli

Beneath the Spanish quarter lies a rich natural heritage awaiting exploration. Just team into a tour group to gain entry into the bowels of the famous Naples city. Though there is much to say about Naples’ subterranean world, let me not pre-empty it now so that you pay a visit and see for yourself.

Enjoy the Neapolitan Pizza in a Restaurant

Food is a primary thing to bear in mind when planning for your adventure. You don’t have to carry with you lots of packed food. You can enter one of the Neapolitan local ristorantes to bite a native pizza. Purchase the Margherita-style pizza and enjoy the delicious mix of robust buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes.

Boarding a Ferry to Sorrento

Do you like sailing in deep waters? Then catching a ferry to Sorrento is a sweet vibe. Though many tourists head straight to Capri Island, I suggest you try a different vibe in style. Try the one-hour ride from port Naples to Sorrento. What a beautiful place to adventure alongside Limoncello!

Visiting the Local Markets

Is this your first, visit to Italy and would like to learn about their native food? If you answer yes to this question, stroll through the local markets. Though you may not need to purchase groceries, you will have a clear understanding of their local vegetables while enjoying the market’s vibrant atmosphere.

Important to say, each neighborhood holds its market on a specific day. Therefore, irrespective of the day of the week, you will accidentally encounter one. Alternatively, you can visit La Pignasecca, Naples oldest street market, and a strategic spot to catch the street food. Moreover, From Pignasecca, You can take the cable car to reach the Vomero area.

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